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Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs  v.

Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs 1.2 is a game for Windows. Up to four people on a network or over the internet can play Sean O'Connor's Windows Games UFOs.

The General  v.

The General, a clone of Stratego, is a board game developed by Sean O'Connor. As the original game, The General is extremely absorbing and addictive. The objective consists in capturing the opponents' flag before they manage to capture yours.


Football-o-saurus  v.1 2

Football-o-saurus is the funniest football match you will ever play, since as you must imagine, teams are formed by dinosaurs. The game is so entertaining that, even in spite of a few limitations, it will make you have a great time.

Critical Mass  v.

Critical Mass, a spaceship shooter game, puts you in charge of a squadron, to lead challenging missions in the outer space. As a commander, your task will be to guide and control your spaceships in different missions.

Niggle  v.1 3

Niggle is an easy to learn card game where you must guess how many tricks you are going to win each round. The fun comes from trying to get exactly the number of wins you guessed while stopping your opponents from achieving their target.

Click O Pack  v.1.0

Click-O-Pack is an arcade game designed for Windows. It comes with great graphics, effects and modes. The pack combines together four very popular games of click-and-pop type: Click Art, Cupidometry, Hawaiian Drops and Pop-a-Pearl.

Stand O' Food 2  v.32.0

If you ever thought that working at McDonald's would be a good idea, try yourself by playing this fun game! Stand O Food 2 - the new version of the classic Stand O Food - is a very amusing game, now, totally redesigned.

Morph-O-Matic  v.2 4

Morph-O-Matic, the industry standard morphing extension for 3ds max, has been designed from the ground up as a tool to assist modelers, animators and technical directors in creating complex morph setups and animations.

Web-O-Rama  v.

Web-O-Rama is a versatile, text-based HTML editing program provided as a donationware alternative to overpriced shareware HTML applications.

Doc-O-Matic  v.

Doc-O-Matic is a software source code documentation and Help authoring tool. It takes source code and comments, adds conceptual topics and external input and produces documentation from it.

O-Matrix  v.5 8

O-Matrix is a high-level language and integrated environment for analyzing data, modeling, creating simulations, visualizing and plotting results, and building turnkey scientific and engineering computing solutions.

Jack-O-Lanterns Animated Screensaver  v.2.0

Free Jack O Lanterns Animated Screensaver by FearIsHere.

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